Criminal Interdiction days Friday and Saturday

June 17, 2014 Posted by Shawn Justice

The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office´╗┐, with assistance of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and McArthur Police Department, executed “Criminal Interdiction” days Friday and Saturday. This is a program that will be used throughout the year by the Vinton County Sheriffs Office to try and combat the rise in burglaries and thefts in our area. A Criminal Interdiction is where law enforcement saturates certain areas in the County and makes traffic stops, trying to find drugs, stolen property, criminal tools, warrants, etc. This is the first step in our fight against the property crimes happening in our community. The second step that I have taken, is to start a Major Crimes Task Force for our County. There will be two Investigators assigned to this Task Force full time. One will work Felony Criminal Cases and the other will work Narcotics, while working together when needed. This will free the Road Deputies to be able to respond to calls in a more timely manor and will give the Victim of a Crime someone they can get to know and depend on.

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